Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for these events?

The small fees that we charge for subscription and event admission pay for the service that we provide. You are not paying to volunteer! It’s important that you know you can volunteer for all our charity partners directly, however if you want to volunteer with other single volunteers then Good Deed Dating is the only way to go!

What does the money go towards?

Good Deed Dating is a social enterprise. This means that the money we make is split 2 ways; 25% of our profit is donated back to our charity partners, and the rest is re-invested in the company. We hope that we’ll be able to grow the business and go to other cities and ultimately we’re aiming for world domination – spreading love on a global scale.

I don’t live in London – can I still get involved?

At the moment we are working just in London, however it’s always lovely to know that other people are interested. If you live in another city, you could always visit London for a Good Deed Date, or get in touch to let us know where you are and we’ll add it to our city hit list.

I want to get involved but I don’t like the look of any of these events?

We always aim to provide as much variety as we can with our events and our charity partners. However, if you would like to see us do something different just let us know and we’ll work with our charities to try and make it happen.

Is Good Deed Dating inclusive of all sexualities, ages etc.

We aim to be totally inclusive in everything that we do at Good Deed Dating. Although our target audience is young professionals, it’s really important to us that anyone who wants to get involved feels welcome. Currently, as we are still quite new, all our events are open to everyone and anyone, whoever you are (as long as you are over 18 and single!) we would love to welcome you. We understand that this might not be ideal for everyone though so we are beginning to test events for more specific groups of people. Keep you eyes open for our events aimed at older daters, LGBT daters and single parent daters. We hope to be able to cater to everyone's tastes as soon as we can! Let us know if you have any questions or ideas on this. We'd love to hear from you.

I’ve bought a ticket but I can’t go anymore – what should I do?

Don’t panic! We often have a waiting list for our events so it is likely we’ll be able to pass you place on to someone else. If it is 48 hour or more before the event, then you can cancel your ticket immediately and get a refund. If it is less that 48 hours before your chosen event then we will contact the first person on the waiting list to offer them your ticket. We aim to ensure that our events are well attended and no one is out of pocket. If in doubt just give us a call.

I work for a charity who would like to be involved.

Brilliant! We are always really happy to hear from charities that are keen to get involved. Give us a call to chat about how things could work and we’ll go from there!

I work with a company who is interested in sponsoring/working with Good Deed Dating…

Amazing! We’d love to chat to you about how we could work together, give us a call to get planning.